1780 Silk Taffeta Zone Gown – Part Five


One day left! Okay… so I may not get 100% done but it should be enough to photograph! After a rather trying afternoon, I managed to get the the second half of the bodice attached. The center back skirt seam had to be split from the waist point to the top to allow it all to go together. I was starting to worry about the front edges of the bodice so I decided to add a length of linen tape to help stay them. I think this will also allow something to pin the zone/stomacher and minimize pinning through the silk. I whipped the edges of the tape to the bodice at the top and bottom and I used an underhand hemstitch to attach the inside edge. 

And thank goodness for roommates! Jane helped me mark the hem on the petticoat. Normally I would make the petticoat the same length all the way around, but I know I’ll always be wearing this gown & petticoat over a bumroll and I wanted the petticoat longer in the back to compensate. This way if I ever polonaise the gown, the petticoat will still be even with the floor at all points. Of course this meant trying on the gown… and sure enough it more or less fit! I admit it’s a tinier bit more snug than I would like, but then again I haven’t put my stays on in almost 3 months! I don’t have any pictures from today but I’ll get caught up soon…


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