1780 Silk Taffeta Zone Gown – Part Six


I was up early this morning to finish things up… Or at least get everything ready enough to wear for the photo shoot! I cut the petticoat about 3/4″ longer than where it was marked to allow enough room for hemming. For now, I’m just pinking that edge – I’ll hem it when I have time in the future. With the petticoat hem marked, I was able to trim the flounce to the right length as well. I also pinned the flounces in place on the petticoat and used a long spaced backstitch to attach them to the petticoat. Looks great so far!

Now about those sleeves… since I’m short on time, I decided to just keep the sleeves with the horizontal stripes and baste them into the armsyce for now. Spaced backstitch once again… I basted the dart at the elbow and folded the lower edges to the inside and loosely whipped them down. No time to add cuffs today! I’ll add the cuffs when I replace the sleeves. I also hemmed the front edges of the gown skirt approximately 1/8″ with a running stitch. It looked much better than using a hemstitch which is what I’m generally more likely to use. The lower edge of the skirting is still the selvedge… that will have to do! Gave everything a quick pressing, hung it up… packed all the jewelry and accoutrements and headed to the photo shoot. Definitely a success all things considered.

It will be a week or so before I get the professional pictures so there won’t be any updates until then… except maybe to add a few more gown construction photos. For now… I’m done with striped silk gowns! Time to work on different projects!


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