Ugly Changeable Silk Gown Anglais – Part One

MVC-708XWell… maybe not ugly! But I have been referring to it as the wonderfully hideous silk or the hideously wonderful silk when describing it to others. It was purchased some months ago at Fabric Place in Woburn. Either before or after meeting Jane for dinner at Pizzeria Uno – we innocently walked across the mall to see what happened to be there. Of course, any trip to FP requires checking the silk remnant tables in the home dec section. And there was this interesting piece of silk. Orange and blue changeable taffeta. I fell in love instantly! Oh… and there was 11 yards in three pieces. Yep… it came home with me! I even liked it enough to pay full price…
And when I say that the silk is orange and blue… I mean nearly neon orange and a brilliant blue, almost turquoise. Yeah… there’s a reason I call it the ugly silk! It’s an interesting coppery, beige-y, blue-ish when shimmering in and out of the light. Ready to see it? Here goes…

The camera doesn’t quite do it justice but it’s not too far off, either. But that’s all for now… a movie just got put in and the lights have been shut off around me!


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