Another Romantic Era Cap – Part One

The mantua maker probably won’t make it to midnight… but there is some sewing afoot! On deck for this evening is another cap from The Workwoman’s Guide – this time Fig. 11, 12 from Plate 9.

This is a very simple shape, and for washing and making up is equally convenient with Fig. 10. It answers well for a bonnet cap for ladies, in which case it might be made of net or tulle, with a quilling or leave border.

The basic cap is cut from a rectangle measuring 10″ x 20″ with only one angle to measure and cut away. An additional length of fabric, lace, tulle or whatnot would be needed to create the ruffle. As I’m doing the typing on my tablet and haven’t quite figured out how to pull images out of google books in this format… well, we’re stuck with my best attempts at taking pics with a forward facing camera!


The Fig. 11 & 12 cap... it has potential don't you think?

The angle on the lower right of the diagram is 1.25″ from the bottom edge and in this case the top edge is along the fold so the pattern piece itself is closer to a 10″ square. The drawstring lines are 1.875″ from the front edge and first drawstring line respectively.

The instructions are a bit sketchy at this point so I think the next step will be to cut it out and make it up. I’m tempted to see what I have for netting… but will probably end up using organdy simply because I have so much of it right now. Plus it works up so nicely for caps!

My current thinking is that I will add a teeny eyelet at the top center front along the drawstring lines and create a tuck that would permit a thin cord to be tied atop the head similar to the illustration. Not sure the volunteers will be loving that but should be fun to experiment with!


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