A picture worth 1000 words


Not sure which is mote out of place - shoes, chicken, or linen shirt?

Then again…. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day and I spent the early evening sewing an 1820’s shirt while sitting on the patio. And yes, that is a chicken sitting beside me.

I’ve always had house cats and while cats are notorious for wanting to lay in the middle of sewing projects, fabric and patterns… I’ve never personally had cats that did any of those things. The tagline for my business was even “at the sign of the two cats” because my two girls were sweet and always around but never in the middle of things.

Enter the chickens. Yes, we have a lap chicken…. That’s Tomasina, our black Minorca hen, sleeping on the chair next to me. She tried to climb into the midst of the white linen shirt but I was having no part of that! I’m not sure what we did to end up with a pet chicken that needs to be in the middle of what we’re working on… but it certainly makes for some interesting photo ops!

Oh, and the shirt did get finished. but only after the chickens were put back in their coop and I moved the sewing indoors!


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