And a smock to match

So apparently I’m in an ambitious state of mind and thought making a 16th century smock to go with my coif & kirtle would be a good idea… I had a lovely length of 6 yards of lightweight linen and so turning back to Tudor Tailor, I used the layout for the smock and opted for band collar and cuffs with a single layer frill. It worked out that my measurements matched the sketch so I didn’t have to make any adjustments. For the frills, I cut strips 1.5″ wide and double the length of the cuffs and collar.

Sewing was pretty basic…. shirts, smocks, shifts…. All lots of straight lines! All the interior seams were done my machine and then everything was felled by hand.


I love this collar! And nice new linen is such a treat to wear...

Although I’ve been getting a lot of sewing done this week, I was freezing when I got home from work so much of tonight’s sewing was done in bed. Sad but true! My set up was pretty basic: a bowl for trimmed threads and such, a container of pins, spool of thread, and scissors – but the best part is the tablet playing movies next to the supplies. Tonight’s sewing was brought to you by Brave and The Running Man. Yep… No accounting for taste!


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