Paper Roses & Other Pretties

It’s been great fun to pull some of my antique clothing collection out and take a closer look lately. I can’t believe I’ve been collecting for 10+ years and that I’ve actually managed to amass a few nice things during that time.  My 1790s bonnet has been particularly fun to discuss and study and it reminds me that I’ve spent time hunting for sources of paper & cloth roses in the past. (You know… for when I get around to reproducing it!)

Here’s a closeup of the bonnet’s original roses:


While hunting through old notes it seems that any suppliers I once found have since ceased to exist. So of course that led to a whole new round of searches for paper, cloth, and velvet flowers.

My current favorite for duplicating the paper roses are the 1 1/4″ mulberry paper roses from Wild Orchid Crafts. While not an exact match they have the right amount of petals and curved petals detail.

For the lavender velvet forget-me-nots, I’m leaning towards the navy velvet bunches from Doll Artist’s Workshop. The diameter and velvety-ness is great but I haven’t found a good color match and there’s an extra petal. I’m tempted to try ordering one of creamier colors to see if they’d take to being hand colored. Vintage (via etsy or the like) is probably the better way to go and a quick search brought up a few viable options.

The cloth roses, which are probably linen, have been the most troublesome to find a reproduction source for. Based on what little I know about milinery roses – it’s likely that punches similar to those used for the paper flowers were used on sized linen.

I’m liking this YouTube video as rose-making tutorial:

It has a rather clever technique using a basic cookie cutter shape for the template. I’m now wondering if some of the heavy-duty scrapbooking punches would work if the linen was lightweight enough… And of course if it had been spray starched to within an inch of its life! Hmm… Some fabric rose crafting is in my future I think!


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