Pinwheels of happiness

Apparently my dear friends, J.C. and M.T. have a thing for pinwheels… or so I learned at their wedding this weekend! Pinwheels – the paper kind – abounded at every corner of the ceremony and reception from programs to outdoor archway to trimming each little wedding cupcake. The wedding itself was beautiful and whimsical, pretty much what you might expect of something carrying a pinwheel theme! This is also why it should come as no surprise that J.C. (the bride) wanted a very ethereal and floaty multi-layered dress that would move in the breeze.

No, she's not running away - I just took the opportunity to get a shot of the back!

No, she’s not running away – I just took the opportunity to get a shot of the back!

Why should I be so concerned about her dress? Well, as it turns out it was my wedding gift to her in that I made it for her with my own two hands (and my sewing machine. Really the sewing machine gets most of the credit but I’ll take a wee bit, too.) Although, I offered to make a custom dress way back in January, we didn’t actually get together to go over designs and select a fabric until the last weekend in April, roughly 2 months before the wedding date.

The process of selecting the fabric rates its own story (some other time!) but she had her mind pretty well made up by the time April ended. The gown is best described in three parts… Starting at the top: the drape around the shoulders was basically two tubes of the printed fabric gathered off center front and then tacked to elastics over the shoulder and continuing into a wide V-shape at center back. Each piece of the bodice was six layers (hand-basted!) of fabric that were then constructed as if a single layer. Zipper placement was on the side and every seam was boned. The bodice eventually received a lining, too. The skirt was three layers – each layer having 5-7 gores and the hem on each measured between 4-5 yards. The outer layer fabric (for skirt and bodice) was a cross-hatch printed and ombre dyed silk gauze from Banksville Fabrics in Norwalk, CT.  The second layer was a pale grey silk double georgette. The base layer was a white slipper satin. The satin was doubled for the bodice and additional layers of interfacing were also added.

The end result was gorgeous – as was the bride!

The happy bride & groom!

The happy bride & groom!

This gown was a labor of love and I’m so honored that she trusted me to create such an important piece for her. Best wishes and congratulations for their future together – love you both!!


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