Long time no sew

The summer has been crazy (and flying by) but I’m finally feeling caught up and having some fun, sewing just for me. I’ll add more details and photos as the week continues but the biggest news is that I’m actually delving into some Victorian clothing for myself.

My inspiration is the 1870’s ensemble on the right:

It’s currently on display at work and I’m just loving the detailing. Of course before I can start on the fun parts, I had to make a new corset, chemise, and bustle. The corset went together quickly, sadly it’s not a great fit but will do in a pinch if I don’t get around to making another one. The chemise however is lovely and on-so-soft cotton with cotton bobbing lace trim on the yoke and cuffs. It’s practically done…. Only hand sewing the yoke and cuff facings remains to be done.

For the bustle, I’m also copying one from the exhibit but since the bustle wire hadn’t arrived yet I’ll wait to describe that! Both the corset and chemise used Simplicity patterns. Why, you ask? Well, because I had them lying around and it was quicker than drafting! That being said, I am working my way through Cassell’s Household Guide from the 1870s so I think some additional chemises from those instructions will be in my future!


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