Tutorial Time

Happy New Year!  I haven’t planned any particular firm resolutions for 2014 but here are a few things I would like to accomplish in no particular order:

  • 1911 yellow walking ensemble
  • 1923 picnic dress & hat
  • blue chintz sacque gown
  • stays patterning video tutorial
  • gown en fourreau photo tutorial
  • 1911 petticoat photo tutorial
  • scanning 1911 Priscilla magazines
  • 1820s blue corded corset (I’m currently lusting after the one below from the Met!

Cotton corset (1825-35), The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2009.300.6417

Oh, and probably other random projects that pop into my head! But speaking of resolutions, I do really hope to stay on top of my blogging. I have mote than 15 years of miscellaneous tutorials and notes on extant costumes that need to make their way off my computer and on to these pages.

With that in mind, I’ve created a new page for tutorials that I will continue to expand as time allows. The first tutorial posted is Making Stays, 1730-1780, based on extant garment study, stays making workshops, and my experience making custom 18th century stays, and what I learned from teaching that process.


While the tips and techniques included are far from the only ways to constructs stays in an eighteenth century manner, I do hope the overview and photos will prove useful to others. Full handsewing directions are there for those that like the authentic route but I also found a few shortcuts when time is short and/or machine sewing is preferred but a reasonably authentic look is still desired.  I still haven’t managed to handsew an entire pair of 18c stays for myself so I’be had fun figuring out the most effective ways to “cheat” with a machine. Measuring for stays & adjusting patterns will be added shortly… I just need to find a willing model and some free time to shoot the photos & video!


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